[NAFEX] Storing pawpaw & persimmon seed.

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> Thank you so very much for the paw paw seeds. They are a little moldy, but I 
> am going to rinse them in warm water with clorox, and I'm sure they'll be 
> fine.
> Diane Porter

Hi Diane,

I know what I'm going to write doesn't make sense, but here goes anyway. I've 
done the same thing more than once only to find the mold after gets worse. It 
was almost like there is another natural inhibitor of mold that the Clorox 
also eliminates allowing subsequent mold to develop more profusely.   

I'd suggest cleaning the seeds thoroughly making sure all fruit pulp is 
removed. The sugars in the seed sack/pulp provide food for the mold. Then repack in 
sphagnum moss or some other medium that is naturally slightly acidic and only 
slightly dampened. They mold faster if too wet. Squeeze out all the excess 
moisture you can from the sphagnum. Store in the frig, of course. 

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