[NAFEX] Paw paws in Iowa?

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Thu Nov 18 16:33:25 EST 2004

Yes rinse the seeds in clorox and water, then put half outside in a sheltered 
place and let them overwinter there.  Better still place 2 each place you 
want a tree in the orchard and guard it well....you will be happy not to have to 
transplant such a fussy tree.  I had one that came up a YEAR after I 
transplanted it and it died back...now growing fine....go figure.
You'll love the fruits, but be patient.   They are the texture of an avacado, 
but sweet and aromatic.  I don't let them get over ripe before eating 
either...many say to let the skin start to darken (kinda like a banana....don't like 
them black either) before eating...we like them starting to  soften with the 
green skin...play with it....they require no care other than water if droughty.
The second bunch of seeds keep in the frig in slightly damp peat moss....I 
used captan (just a touch ) to keep the mold down.  Starting in late February 
look and see if you see any rootlets....check  weekly.  If the sprout place each 
one about and inch deep in good garden soil in a half gallon milk box and let 
them grow in a warm window place.  To plant out in the orchard you want to 
dig the exact hole to fit the milk box and cut the bottom off and slide the 
plant out into the hole without disturbing the soil.  Then water in and let it go 
....sounds a bit much, but complaints online show this care helps.
Best of luck.

Karl Olson

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