[NAFEX] Canned Seedlings

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Tue Nov 16 17:18:21 EST 2004


I have had similar experience with apples.  Started in 1 gallon containers  
and moved them up to 20 gallon tubs before it went into the ground.  Had  
fruit in 3 years time.

I like having them in small containers as I can move them around, and put  
them into cold garage for the winter, and avoid rabbit damage.


On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 16:03:36 -0600, Doreen Howard <gardendiva at charter.net>  

> I found some old notes from the NAFEX meeting or somewhere else.  I had  
> scribbled.......
> "Starting seedlings in containers will create large root masses and lead  
> to wider crotches, early fruiting and more."
> Del Stubbs gave me a bunch of sprouting apricot pits in 2001, and I got  
> 3 of them to grow.  All went into 1-gallon nursery cans in the  
> beginning.  Two trees died, but the third flourished.  It gradually was  
> moved up to bigger containers, ending in a 5-gallon can in Spring 2003.   
> I finally got the acreage I needed in July that year and planted the  
> tree in the ground.  The root system was huge when I tapped the tree out  
> of the can, and the tree put on 3 feet in height this summer.  Crotches  
> are wide, too.  Bob Purvis tells me that the pits I got from Del are  
> Montrose, an apricot from Colorado, late-flowering and hardy down to  
> -31F.  My limited experience with this tree seems to bear out the above  
> scribblings.
> What have others seen in regards to seedlings in containers?
> Doreen Howard
> IL-WI Border--Zone 4b  
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