[NAFEX] Garner's grafting book/persimmon

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Mon Nov 15 10:00:12 EST 2004

>I've never tried it with persimmon, but it *might* be worth a try if 
>someone is committed to trying to do 'own-root' persimmons - though, 
>they're so easy to graft, I can't really see the allure in doing it.

Around the first of August, select vigorous shoots, and at the point where 
the current year's growth commenced, make a stab incision all the way 
through the stem with a penknife, grafting knife, etc.  Insert a wooden 
toothpick to hold the incision open; the wound will callus in - the callus 
is meristematic material that can give rise to roots, if necessary.
Then, anytime between November and budbreak in the spring, collect 
cuttings, with the callused wound near the basal end, remove the toothpick, 
if possible, dip in your choice of rooting hormone, and stick in the 
appropriate rooting medium.

I've had pretty good transplant survival, with 2 & 3-yr old seedlings, 
grafted in the nursery bed, but as Jerry indicated earlier, it would be 
even better to start a seedling in it's desired spot, and then graft to a 
superior fruiting variety when it reaches suitable size - usually the 
second season.


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