[NAFEX]Ginda Persimmon Question

David W Hausmann wizard2468 at juno.com
Sat Nov 13 13:22:03 EST 2004

Just wait until the female persimmon is big enough 
(already in its final spot) and then graft on a male branch.

	I would assume the opposite would also work, i.e., if the tree I have
planted turns out to be male I could graft a female limb?

	I bet you 
could find a scion from a fellow NAFEXer.

	Good idea, I have some to plant at my commercial building, and I may
order another bundle of 25 from the state for delivery next spring to
take to the country, but with your suggestion I would not have to wait a
few years until they produced flowers to see what was what [which is
which?  Whatever hahaha].

	Thank you for your excellent suggestions, everyone.  I was glad to see I
was not the only person interested in persimmons.  My interest was piqued
by a PBS program on Japan where they hang poles horizontally all around
their houses with persimmons hanging from the poles, after the first
freeze, I think they said.  Have a Good One!  Love, Peace and Perception

Saint Louis, Missouri

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