[NAFEX] Asian pear recommendation

Katherine Russell Katherine.Russell at oberlin.edu
Wed Nov 10 11:06:47 EST 2004

Ditto on the Asian pear recommendations. It seems every new one I try 
has a different taste.
I have a small tree of "Hosui" which fruited for the first time this 
year, small fruits, ripe quite a lot earlier than the other asian pears 
I have seen around town. Low acid, very watery / watermelony, very sweet 
(compared to other Asian pears I've tried), with a nice perfume flavor.

The other types I've eaten that are grown locally are larger, crunchier, 
and tarter, more like a firm apple but with a less concentrated flavor.

I've also tried imported Korean fruit, which was very crispy and very 
very watery, with barely any sweetness.

Is there anyone who grows a huge variety of Asian pears and sells a 
sampler? A bunch of orchards seem to do this for heirloom apples, and it 
would be a great way to experience the full flavour range and make a 
decision. (Granted, that different varieties will be ripe at different 
times, but that just means ordering samplers several times :-)

Best - KR

David Consolvo wrote:

>I too am looking for Asian pear recommendations.  My Asian pears are so much
>more delicious than my European pears!
>Shinseiki - So wonderful tasting I could eat them all day.  Beautiful too.
>Tree gets some fireblight but survives.
>Kosui - Rather small, Ok tasting
>Korean Giant - Great as a late-ripening variety, though they often soften
>and have a slowly developping internal rot.  Maybe I harvest them too late.
>I'd love to hear what others think of their Asian pears.  How about
>fireblight resistance?  The Kent Whealy/Seed Savers Exchange book often
>mentions fireblight susceptibility of European pear varieties, but rarely of
>the Asian pears.
>David Consolvo
>Hungrytown, Virginia
>Zone 7
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