[NAFEX] fizzing apple?!

Richard J. Ossolinski osso at acadia.net
Sun Nov 7 21:45:47 EST 2004

Naomi wrote: 
> Was there any suggestion of alcohol in it?
> Naomi

Or in the taster?
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> So maybe this is odd or commonplace, but I certainly have never experienced
> it: I
> went down into my root cellar and pulled out that seedling/wild tree I like
> (Kiss
> of Shannon) which I am still really just getting to know in terms of
> cooking,
> sauce, storage etc qualities. I bite into the apple, and as I am pulling it
> away
> from my mouth, I hear this sound like I just poured a glass of 7-up or
> ginger-ale.
> I mean quite loud...coming from the apple. I put the apple up to my ear it
> it is
> crackling away. Another bite, different place same thing, another bite, on
> top of
> exposed and eaten flesh, same thing. Another Apple, same thing. Other apples
> in
> root cellar: no noise. Like rice krispies or something...
> The apple did not do this before being stored. Anyone HEAR of this before?
> Heron Breen
> Maine zone 4

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