[NAFEX] fizzing apple?!

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Sun Nov 7 20:14:33 EST 2004

So maybe this is odd or commonplace, but I certainly have never experienced it: I 
went down into my root cellar and pulled out that seedling/wild tree I like (Kiss 
of Shannon) which I am still really just getting to know in terms of cooking, 
sauce, storage etc qualities. I bite into the apple, and as I am pulling it away 
from my mouth, I hear this sound like I just poured a glass of 7-up or ginger-ale. 
I mean quite loud...coming from the apple. I put the apple up to my ear it it is 
crackling away. Another bite, different place same thing, another bite, on top of 
exposed and eaten flesh, same thing. Another Apple, same thing. Other apples in 
root cellar: no noise. Like rice krispies or something... 
The apple did not do this before being stored. Anyone HEAR of this before?
Heron Breen
Maine zone 4

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