[NAFEX] scroll-itis

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Sun Nov 7 20:05:06 EST 2004

 I actually would rather have the pertinent conversation or bits included as the 
thread so I only have to read one email or two, not the entire 20 posts to see 
everything. So, anyone who sends stuff to this list: I don't care how you post it, 
just post it. All styles welcome, in fact needed. I tend to highlight the 
word "personal" in "personal computer", not "computer".
I guess I am not as concerned if this particular list-serve follows the same regs 
as other entities. Kudos to the hands off attitude, although if the majority want 
something different, than so be it. We are all adults, or, well maybe we're not, 
because I am sure children can write in too. Which would be really neat.
But I guess access appropriate attitude to me has to do with what "we" had been 
touching on earlier in the month: getting and keeping folks involved. So I suppose 
if "we" cannot behave ourselves, no one new (or old-hat) will want to stick around.
Heron Breen
Maine zone 4

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