[NAFEX] negative... Whether Weather[Wind Chill] Effects Plants

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Fri Nov 5 18:00:40 EST 2004

I agree, if you have anything frost-tender, pull it in as soon as  the 
air gets an autumn chill.  The only plant I move in and out each year 
is a Myers Lemon.  It is cold hardy (according to the tag) to 20F.  So 
I make sure to bring it in as soon as the tomatoes are killed, if I 
haven't already.  I have a better spot for it now, but it used to be 
that it's indoor location didn't get any sun until the leaves were off 
the oak tree, so I didn't want to bring it in too soon, as it dislikes 
being in the dark as much as being a little chilly.  But i suspect that 
each plant has different preferences, and each person has different 
resources to offer to the plants.


On Nov 5, 2004, at 5:40 PM, tanis cuff wrote:

> Just this morning I was pondering the Q of how to get some 
> over-wintering pots ready for a forecast cold snap.  Thru the summer 
> the problem is how to give them enough water plus keeping the pots 
> cool; seems suddenly the issue is frozen root masses.  I gradually 
> move them from the site where the first is more convenient, to the 
> site where over-wintering will work better.  Sorry I can't be more 
> helpful.
> If you mean frost-tender tropicals, I say bring them in sooner rather 
> than later/ better safe than sorry.  If the afternoon & evening feel 
> chilly, frost is likely-- to heck with the official forecast.  As for 
> car batteries, the last thing I heard was wind-chill doesn't matter.  
> It just cools stuff off faster than still air.
> Tanis, s.WI, be warrrrrm!
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> From: David W Hausmann <wizard2468>
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> Subject: Re: [NAFEX] negative... Whether Weather[Wind Chill] Effects 
> Plants
> Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 22:53:55 -0600
> Hello, All!
> 	First, I would like to join in on the detrimental effects of 
> negative...
>               Another stupid question:  when you have plants outside 
> you want to bring
> in before a freeze, do you watch the air temperature or wind chill
> temperature?  I realize that wind chill calculates our bodies' reaction
> to wind and humidity, vies a vie our perspiration and the cooling 
> effect
> produced by the evaporation of perspiration, but was wondering if wind
> chill also has any effect on plants?  I have written to local TV
> meteorologists and asked and never received a reply.  I was also
> wondering about things such as car batteries [I know they will not 
> freeze
> if fully charged, but if not charged fully] and radiator fluids as 
> well,
> which is not garden related per se, except perhaps for garden tractors 
> [a
> stretch, I know.].  Just curious if anyone out there knows an answer.
> 	By the way, I have been pleasantly amazed by the level of expertize on
> this list.  I hope you get it straightened out soon, I enjoy the
> appropriate posts and have already learned how little I know on this
> topic.  [The more a wise person knows, the more the person knows how
> little they know.]  Have a Good One!  Love, Peace and Perception
> Wizard
> Saint Louis, Missouri
>                                                        Be Cooool!
>                                                        Wizard2468
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