[NAFEX] negative communications by individuals & Whether Weather [Wind Chill] Effects Plants

David W Hausmann wizard2468 at juno.com
Thu Nov 4 23:53:55 EST 2004

Hello, All!
	First, I would like to join in on the detrimental effects of negative
communications, there is absolutely no need for them in a civilized
	I stumbled across this list when an article on persimmons was
recommended to me by my local state conservation agent who is responsible
for the "Habitat Helper" program in Missouri.  I live in Saint Louis
county and have been attempting to grow native plants and trees as well
as several medicinal herbs.  Missouri's State Department of Conservation
sells bundles of trees once a year, from November 15th through April.  It
is first come first served, so the walnuts and pecans and such go
quickly, but they have quite a selection.  A bundle in almost all cases
is 25 trees and last year a bundle cost $7.00.  I do not know if they
will ship to other states or not, but the link should be: 
	I also have a couple of stupid questions.  First, the question which
originally lead me to this list.  I have purchased a bundle of persimmon
trees, but only have room for 2 or 3 at the most at my home.  I assume,
from what I have read, that I will need both a male and a female tree in
order to get fruit from the trees.  Is there any way to tell which trees
are which before they have grown large enough to flower?  I have one that
has been in the ground for 2 summers now and I still have not seen any
flowers, at least none large enough that I have noticed them yet.  I hope
to take most of the other tress I have out to the country where I have 5
acres, but it would be nice to plant 1 more tree at home and get fruit
there as well.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I had not
considered grafting, as I never thought about it until I started reading
this list, but could that be a solution as well?
	Another stupid question:  when you have plants outside you want to bring
in before a freeze, do you watch the air temperature or wind chill
temperature?  I realize that wind chill calculates our bodies' reaction
to wind and humidity, vies a vie our perspiration and the cooling effect
produced by the evaporation of perspiration, but was wondering if wind
chill also has any effect on plants?  I have written to local TV
meteorologists and asked and never received a reply.  I was also
wondering about things such as car batteries [I know they will not freeze
if fully charged, but if not charged fully] and radiator fluids as well,
which is not garden related per se, except perhaps for garden tractors [a
stretch, I know.].  Just curious if anyone out there knows an answer.
	By the way, I have been pleasantly amazed by the level of expertize on
this list.  I hope you get it straightened out soon, I enjoy the
appropriate posts and have already learned how little I know on this
topic.  [The more a wise person knows, the more the person knows how
little they know.]  Have a Good One!  Love, Peace and Perception

Saint Louis, Missouri

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