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Del Stubbs northernlights2n at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 4 19:42:46 EST 2004

Do consider a quality weed whip, the kind with 2 handles and a harness. I got a Stihl
some years ago and it is a primary tool in my fruit growing.  To plant a tree I use it to
cut right down to bare soil, a 3' or 4' circle just takes a minute. I stress bare soil
and not 1" grass stocks - It takes a lot longer for sod to recover when it is cut down to
dirt. Secondly, if one is using some kind of weed blocker mulch - this is the best way to
get it right down on the dirt. I use a gauge or 2 larger plastic string then the model
calls for - with better results. It was a major investment for me, around $ 375 US. 
To protect trees from 'weed whip disease' a bottomless coffee can works great. Recycling
bins have lots of them. I mentioned the kind with 2 handles and a harness because the low
budget ones can be quite exhausting to use for an extended period, and probably lack the
power and rigid string to really cut down to sod. 

--- Heron Breen <breen at fedcoseeds.com> wrote:
> Has anyone used a Flame Weeder to elimate weeds
> around fruit trees?

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