[NAFEX] writing for POMONA

rob hamilton lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 2 23:07:26 EST 2004

I might have good idea for an article or a series of
articles that some of our more ambitious people could
help with.  How about doing interviews of some of the
long running members of NAFEX.  There a lot of people
on this list and off that are very knowledgeable, but
I dont really know them or the extent of there
knowledge.  People generally dont like to talk about
themselves, but some of us newcommers would really
benefit from a good introduction to some of these
people.  Also, not to be insensitive, but some of our
membership are approaching their end. I would rather
see them recognized BEFORE instead of IN the obituary.

A number of the young people in this group are doing
some wonderful things as well.  It might be good to
start with some of the interest group leaders to see
what going on that fruit as focus of the article and
branch out from there.

If I could put a spotlight on someone as an example. 
Our Pres, Ethan. I have met him and speak to him at
every SFF meeting. I know he is doing some personal
research in pear dwarfing, but I am sure there is
more. How did he become part of the board? How did he
become interested in NAFEX and  in growing fruit? What
other projects is he working on? 

I could even see a member focus section in each issue,
but that maybe a bit much for now.

Anyway, I got this idea some time ago while talking to
Hector Black while I was staying in his place.  As he
started talking about his past and showing me what he
grows, I began to wonder if everyone else knows about
all of this, or is it because I was new to the group
and fruit growing.  

I can I am trying to make an article out of this post,
so I will stop now.  :)

I would like to interview Hector Black and Lester
Davis to start if their open to it. I seem to
speak/write to them on a regular bases, so it would be
easy to do the interview.

What do you all think?
Would this be a good idea?


--- Lon Rombough <lonrom at hevanet.com> wrote:

> 	There have been calls for more NAFEX members to
> write for POMONA 
> recently.  That it should be hard to get material
> for POMONA is ironic 
> when you consider that the first issues were simply
> the collected 
> letters a group of fruit enthusiasts had been
> writing to each other.  
>  .......

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