[NAFEX] NAFEX Fundraiser Ideas - Fruit of North America Cards

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Tue Nov 2 06:15:37 EST 2004

Another idea, which wouldn't help NAFEX as an organization, but would 
certainly further its cause, is to write articles about fruit for the 


This is an on-line "copy-left" encyclopedia, and anyone can write for 
it.  It is fast becoming one of the most useful resources on the web, 
and is likely to be the encyclopedia of the future.  Good articles 
written for the wikipedia could help fruit growers for generations.


On Oct 24, 2004, at 12:01 PM, Claude Sweet wrote:

> Geoffrey,
> I suggest you visit http://www.crfg.org/ and click on the link "fruit 
> facts".
> This effort was started by Peggy Winter when I was president of the 
> CRFG and has been an excellent way to answer questions of visitors at 
> our booths at various state fairs and other events.
> Claude Sweet
> San Diego, CA
> Geoffrey Tolle wrote:
>> Folks,
>>     To be honest, I've gotten a little confused on what's going on 
>> with these ideas. I know that there are ideas afloat to create an 
>> electronic index of "Pomona". I great idea and I'll try to help when 
>> things get more ironed out.
>>     I would like to suggest a different idea, one that could be 
>> started with the legal hassels dealt with up front and minimal 
>> electronic concerns. This would be electronic "cards" on different 
>> varieties of fruit. It would consist of basic variety information 
>> such as name, species, zones, origin, features, taste, uses, 
>> patent/trademarks, disease resistances/susceptabilities, etc., and a 
>> picture or two where possible. It should be possible to fit all of 
>> this on an html page and possibly even generate an "index card" like 
>> some of the cooking programs for printing out.
>>     We could make a list of varieties that we want to generate each 
>> year and someone(s) with experience with those varieties could fill 
>> out the form. Other people with experience with the varieties could 
>> then make additional comments. These could then be burned onto CD's 
>> and sold to interested parties as a NAFEX fundraiser. It might even 
>> be possible to link this with seedlings and scions sold for 
>> fundraising that year.
>>     Then again, perhaps someone is already doing this.
>>                      Geoffrey Tolle
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