[NAFEX] loquat leaf tea

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Mon Nov 1 10:37:02 EST 2004

I ran across a use for loquat that is new to me... loquat leaf tea.
Since loquats can thrive in Seattle, but probably will never produce
fruit, tea is one edible use I could get from this tree.  I have one
seedling that is entering its second winter outside.  The seed came from
South Carolina.  Here is a link to the webpage where I first learned of
this tea.

One person says this about the tea... "This tea has a beautiful pink
hue, and a subtle sweetness unlike any other herbal tea I've tried. Just
boil one whole leaf in about 3 cups of water."  Another person says...
"Loquat Leaf Tea has been enjoyed in China and Japan for thousands of
years."  For something with such a long track record, you would expect
it to be same to consume.  Does anyone see any safety issues with loquat
leaf tea?  I am thinking of cyanide related problems.  Would this have a
cumulative effect?

-Mark Lee, Seattle, zone 8a

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