[NAFEX] Change in Oregon Regulations

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Fri May 28 17:03:48 EDT 2004

I just got a letter from the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture that says the ban
on importation of Corylus (filberts or hazelnuts) nursery stock into Oregon
has been rescinded.  The reason for the ban was to prevent Eastern Filbert
Blight from getting into Oregon, and since the disease is all over the area
now, the ban is pointless.
Though in the climate here, the disease isn't nearly as virulent as in
eastern North America.  It's possible to keep blighted limbs pruned out to
control the disease, and in most cases the amount removed isn't much more
than would be done with normal pruning anyway.
-Lon Rombough 

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