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> With the apples and asian pears the ladybugs enlarge
>   any tiny bird peck so much that the fruit can appear to be stuffed
>   with ladybugs inside a hollow behind the skin.  I grow Reliance
>   peach so it ripens before the ladybugs are so numerous.  They also
>   can bite humans. 

Hello all,

It is my opinion based on observation when they bite they are seeking 
moisture. They get into our house by the hundreds which I collect and place back 
outside. Many, I'd guess, are back in with a few days. Anyway, if I place a few 
small drops of water in the collection cup many of them go to it, place their 
tiny heads at the edge and appear to drink. Several years back I placed many in 
a bottle in the frig with the idea of releasing them in the spring, most were 
dead within a short period. But when I placed moisture in the bottle they 
lasted longer. 

I've read in their native land they winter over in the rocky cliffs which 
could be very moist sustaining them over winter better. I too have seen them 
inside late fall fruit and wonder if the main attraction is moisture.  Have never 
seen them eating vegitation. They are welcome guests in my garden and orchard. 

Can any one confirm my observations of moisture requirement or throw it out 
as rubbish?

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