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> Hello,
> This has been mentioned on the list before.  Native and Asian ladybugs 
> primary food is aphids.  The problem is that after the first frost of 
> autumn, or when the weather is cooler, the aphids die off. 

I wish they all did. Aphids can be a severe problem on brussels sprouts 
late in the fall; what seems to happen here is that the ladybugs (Asian 
or not) start looking for shelter as the weather cools / after first 
frost, and stop controlling the aphids, which go cheerfully crazy in the 
remaining brassicas. They don't seem to mind the cold at all, even when 
it's been well below freezing. This is much worse in dry years.

Maybe it's a different strain of aphids?

I've never seen ladybugs eating fruit; but have seen enough creatures 
doing something they're not supposed to that I wonder if some ladybugs 
in some conditions might not take up the habit.

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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