[NAFEX] Maine Blackberries

JoanRRosenberg at aol.com JoanRRosenberg at aol.com
Wed May 26 18:21:09 EDT 2004

I also got some of the blackberries, but I grew them in containers.  They survived a really nasty winter, and I have noted several things.  They fruit only on sprouts on second year canes.  They bloom early.  They have triple the number of flowers as other blackberries.  They are not upright, but trail and should be either tied to a trellis or containered to flow over the top and stream down.  The leaves are very heart-shaped as opposed to regular blackberries, which are more elongated. The berries do tend to get moldy if it rains a lot, even if they are placed in full sun.  I have not tried any in the shade, so I do not know if they will grow in the shade like Pete Tallman's will.  No bugs have targeted them.  I have very few rodents to gnaw thanks to the efforts of the various farm cats to supplement their cat food with fresh food.  So I cannot tell you if any small animal might find them tasty - there aren't any small varmints that live too long.  But I imagine that any fruit bush or vine is fair game to hungry critters.  I am using Messenger on them this year to see if I can beat the mold problem.  Will let you know how it works.

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