[NAFEX] Maine Blackberries

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Tue May 25 11:17:06 EDT 2004

Chimeras were only a problem with some of the old thornless type
blackberries.  They would tend to produce normally thorny shoots from the
roots because the new shoots originated in tissues of the root that carried
the thorny trait.  The thornlessness of the shoots was only in one layer of
tissue on the surface, and the only way to get new thornless plants was to
layer the shoots.   Those types aren't commonly available now, other than
perhaps a thornless loganberry.  Newer thornless types have been created
differently and don't have the problem.

John Bunker, sounds like a worthwhile movie
The blackberries I got from you to trial all got killed  to ground by mice -
but one, so it will provide a good test - as we had minus 40F - and it is
now showing signs of blooming.
My question for you , or anyone.....
The shoots coming up from the roots, are they true to the parent? I remember
something called 'chimeras' in blackberries and had the impression
root-grown offsping of some rubus are not true.
thanks, Del

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