[NAFEX] Indian Blood Red peach

Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
Sun May 23 20:30:09 EDT 2004

Was the one you had a cling or a freestone?  Johnson Nursery sells the Indian Blood Cling & Bay Laurel Nursery sells the Indian Blood Free (&  the cling, too) .  Both ripen late & are delicious although somewhat different in flavor.



Zone 8

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Many years ago I grew a late maturing peach with blood red flesh.  The 
outside of the fruit was an unattractive dull, dark red and the fruit 
were on the small size, but its flavor/taste was exceptional.

I grew the peach from seed and according to the person from whom I 
obtained it, it came true from seed. My experience would tend to support 
this claim.

Does anyone grow this peach?

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

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