[NAFEX] Balmer or McKay Peach

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Sat May 22 18:05:43 EDT 2004

I met a man at the local plantaholics' gathering spot this morning--a great
garden center/wine shop/exotic pet store--who has a cold-hardy peach tree he
grew from a pit.  He says the peach is now sold by the McKay Co. and they
call it McKay.  It is also sold under the name Balmer.  The story goes that
the tree was found in the wild on the Balmer Farm in central Wisconsin, and
the peaches were terrific and were propagated.  The fellow plantaholic is
giving me a peck of peaches in July when they ripen so I can save the pits.
I'll be glad to share.

Does anyone know something about this cold-hardy, nearly freestone peach?
Doreen Howard
Zone 4b-5a, 80 miles west of Chicago where tornadoes and floods persist.

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