[NAFEX] blueberries, again

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Fri May 21 18:16:24 EDT 2004

So my "little giant" blueberry finally arrived (I ordered late, then 
there were some delays).   I'm used to planting bareroot dormant stuff. 
  This is in full leaf and has dropped most of its flowers, and appears 
to have set a huge crop.  I assume I ought to pinch off all the 
berries.  Any other special care for lively plants?  It wasn't 
bare-root - it was shipped in about a half gallon of soil in a bag.

I love the spring.  I stepped off the commuter train to the wonderful 
odor of black locust in full bloom, the grape looks like it might 
finally fruit, the strawberries are covered with little white fruit, 
and my baby tree has five little apricots.  Who knows what the garden 
will look like in a month, but right now, it it full of promise.


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