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> I wonder why this fruit [Honeyberry] has never caught on more.  

I've had honeyberrys now for about 5 years here in mid Indiana. These came 
from Raintree Nursery and originated from Russia where we saw them in a research 
station, but no fruit in August. 

Lon's assessment is correct, not particularly sweet, but a flavor agreeable 
with my taste buds. They are shallow rooted and because I haven't properly 
watered them lost two of three. Moles loosening the soil thus loosing moisture 
didn't help. As a commercial crop they would do better where spring temperatures 
more steadily rise as late frosts can limit the crop and eliminate it 
entirely.  They do flower very early.  I believe they could be utilized as an early 
fruit same as strawberries in farmers markets. 

One Green World and Hidden Springs Nursery both carry them and their 
varieties  orginate from Russia where they have worked with them many years. Am glad 
to see someone in the US is also breeding them.  


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