[NAFEX] Grafting Questions

Megrette Hammond megdanh at comcast.net
Tue May 18 17:52:08 EDT 2004

Good Afternoon All,

    I've tried grafting for the first time this spring.  I used a splice graft on G-11 rootstock with various apple scions.  I did this to 10 rootstocks in mid-April and there are not yet any definitive signs of life in the scions.  The rootstocks have all leafed out and appear healthy.  The scion wood was probably o.k. as the extra that I had stored in the dark basement has pushed out buds.
Am I 0 for 10 or is it too soon to tell?
Do I pinch off the leaves from below the graft to force the rootstock to try make the scion live or is it better to keep the leaves on to maximize the health of the rootstock?
Any other thoughts?  What about bud grafting in July/August if indeed I am 0 for 10?

Thanks all.

                                   Dan Hammond
                                   New Hampshire, zone 5a, just at 90%petal drop for my older apples.
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