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Mon May 17 00:03:23 EDT 2004

Well, I have well-drained loamy soil, and I haven't measured the pH.  
But there's a blueberry bush (Rubel) right next to the asparagus bed 
now, and both seem to be doing fine.  The blueberry has a lot of mulch, 
and the asparagus doesn't, so it ends up moister.  I'm just moving the 
line between the two a bit.   It might make sense to pot up the 
blueberry for the season, but there isn't a better spot for it - that's 
where it's going.  (And if I pot it up, I'm not sure where I'll put the 

I'm often jealous of you folks who have enough land to pick multiple 


On May 16, 2004, at 11:49 PM, Lon J. Rombough wrote:

>  Oof.  What a combination.  Asparagus likes dry, alkaline soil, and 
> blueberries like moist, acid soil.  
>  You'd almost do better to pot the blueberry and prepare another spot 
> for it over the summer, then plant it in the fall.
> I'm planning to put a blueberry where I currently have asparagus.  Can
>  the asparagus be moved?  When?  Any suggestions?  (Due to a mix-up, 
> the
>  blueberry will arrive in a week or two, which is lousy time for
>  planting, but it will be small enough that I can probably squeeze them
>  together for the season.)
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