[NAFEX] currant seedlings

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Sun May 16 23:39:40 EDT 2004

Wow - this spring I am finding red currant seedlings everywhere.  The 
birds didn't get many last year, so these must be from the prior year, 
when the birds took my entire crop.  I had a strawberry pot - the 
strawberries all died over the cold winter (not the ones in the ground, 
but the ones in the pot)  No strawberries, but a couple of tiny currant 
plants.  In the garden, under the oak trees, pretty much anywhere there 
is a little open soil.

Most will succumb to the lawn mower, I suppose, but I'm moving a few 
into the edge of the woods.  Who knows, maybe they will grow.  So I 
guess I am conducting a mini-experiment in breeding for shade-bearing 
red currants.  :)


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