[NAFEX] Apples tasted in Massachusetts rated

DocKW at aol.com DocKW at aol.com
Thu May 13 11:03:56 EDT 2004

Sorry to hear so many people disparaging the good old yellow D   which if 
when it is really ready (way before it turns an overripe bright yellow) is an 
crisp aromatic apple.  This way is unavailable commercially....won't sell at 
the ripe-green stage which is the best eating and keeping stage...have to grow 
it yourself.
The red D is the most reliable producer and on such an easy tree to 
grow....great for us amateurs...and if picked ripe...in the orchard...by the owner...is 
a great apple for those of us grateful to have good homegrown fruit.  
Breeding the red D is smart...should give some of its' healthy tree 
characteristics to it's progeny.
BTW ...for my $ I like the Spigold and the Sweet Sixteen....both hard to grow 
but for us homeowners...who can be patient....worth the trouble. 
I think we should all grow about 15 or so cultivars giving the best 
characteristics of 
each a chance to delight our palates...and by the way...a mix of 5 or so 
cultivars makes the BEST apple pies...
Enjoy the season!!
Karl Olson,,,,zone 5   SW Connecticut    where everything is difficult to 

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