[NAFEX] late flowering cherry

DocKW at aol.com DocKW at aol.com
Thu May 13 09:07:20 EDT 2004

Well, we had a bad winter and now it is full summer...and the apples are in 
full bloom and the cherries are forming....EXCEPT my Sweet Ann which is just 
past full bloom by a couple days...and missed the cross pollination offered by 
my 5 other cherries....Yeah, there are a couple flowers, stragglers, on a 
couple of the other trees, but I'm wondering how I can get this tree pollenated!!!
Does anyone know of a late blooming cultivar that might be useful??
BTW, the Sweet Ann is my only sweet cherry which is nearly completely disease 
free.  Every other tree is nearly completely defoliated by leaf diseases if 
left unsprayed ( I don't spray after my 1st pre-bloom spray...so no pesticide 
on fruit).
and the Sweet Ann remains green and healthy.  
PS this did this for the last 3 years, but since it was an immature tree I 
figured it would 'settle down' to a normal bloom period....it hasn't.
Karl Olson
Zone 5  SW  Connecticut.....88 degrees in the late afternoon yesterday

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