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I noticed you gave Calville 3 stars.  I assume this was a raw test.  When
you cook it the flavor  is amazing.

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Well, I finally found the list I handwrote out at Cider Day in
Northern-Central Massachusetts November 2 2003.

I am aware that the ratings I give certain varieties may shock some.
Therefore, let me say now, at the outset,
that I am a tart apple lover, I don't like sweet things, I like many crab
apples, and if you are a person who
becomes very perturbed over very opinionated ratings of familiar fruit I do
wish you to read no further.  I
have no desire to aggravate anyone, but in the desire to assess the many
rare varieties listed here it is
necessary to also rate many familiar fruit.

There were many apples to taste all at once and I wrote a snap rating with
no reconsideration.  One star is the
poorest tasting varieties, four stars is the highest.  No stars means the
apple was present and available for
tasting, but was not tasted.  There were just too many.

SpyGold    THREE stars
Jonathan    THREE stars
Shepard Greening  THREE stars   Buckland MA apple...med tart
Danvers Sweet  TWO stars     a very interesting very large apple quite sweet
apple likely worthy of attention
by those liking a sweet apple.   Could it be Triploid?
Esopus Spitzenburg TWO stars
Smokehouse  ONE star
Red Jewel   ONE star       huge 2 pound apple
Rhode Island Greening  THREE stars
Fallawater Pippen  TWO stars
King David    TWO stars
Twenty Ounce [aka Twenty Ounce Pippen]  THREE stars
Westfield Seek-No-Further  FOUR stars  excellent flavor,best soft texture
Thomkins King  TWO stars
Wolf River  ONE star
Grimes Golden  TWO stars     too sweet, but good
Hyslop Crab  ONE star        I like crabs, but this is a poor crab
Monroe   ONE  star
Bailey Sweet  ONE star    from Wyoming New York, 1850
Sweet 16    TWO stars   skin too hard, too sweet
Gravenstein    TWO stars
Pound Sweet
Wilder Sweet       an apple from Buckland MA grown by Ernest Wilder
Alexander   TWO stars
Summer Rambo   TWO stars
Granny Smith    ONE star
Cox    THREE stars       a little too sweet
Stayman Winesap   TWO stars
Maiden Blush   ONE star
Sekai-ichi       THREE AND A HALF STARS       very large, very good
Winter Banana
Calville Blanc   THREE stars     can actually taste the vitamin C
Black Gilliflower   THREE stars
Winesap   THREE stars   pleasing
Roxbury Russet    THREE stars    the 1649 original still competitive
Tolman Sweet
Leighton's Delicious   TWO stars
Ribston Pippen   TWO stars
Sutton Beauty
St. Lawrence
Chenango Strawberry
Hubbardston   THREE AND A HALF STARS     conical like Red Delicious.  Dull
color.  rich flavor
Ashmead's Kernel   THREE stars
Golden Pippen   TWO stars
Detroit   TWO stars   absolutely beautiful, medium soft
Rambo   THREE stars
Bottle Greening  ONE star
Lyman's   ONE star
Bethel  TWO stars    good....from Bethel VT
Glanz Reinette   ONE star    bad flavor
Porter   TWO star
American Beauty    ONE star
Warsaw   TWO stars      very soft
Snow   THREE stars  mild, whitest of all inside
Macoun   ONE star  good, but sickeningly sweet
Fall Pippen

Note that a few of the apples here are so rare they may be one-tree
varieties.  The high ratings of some of the
rare varieties suggest further diversification in our plantings, however the
low ratings of some well-known
antique and newer apples agitate against the idea that well-known means
better taste.

Charlie Paradise
Massachusetts / zone 5 though a mailing from Stark Bros. says I'm zone 6

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