[NAFEX] raccoons

JoanRRosenberg at aol.com JoanRRosenberg at aol.com
Tue May 11 14:01:31 EDT 2004

I have maybe 10 raccoons that live in the neighbor's woodpile.  None of them mess with my fruit trees.  I lose a few peaches once in a while, not a big deal.  I do put out cat food for them in the winter, though.  Wild life is part of the natural heritage.  They must be doing something right because I have very few pests anymore.  I still have to watch for earwigs.  Indiscriminate "varmint hunting" generally does more harm than good. At my place the squirrels do far more damage.  The raccoons are actually better than cats for keeping squirrels in check. When the ecosystem is in balance, everyone is happy. Including me.  No, I am not a member of PETA nor do I endorse them, but I do believe that ecosystems need balance.  That includes my fruit trees, bees, bugs, and animals.  

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