[NAFEX] Skunks good or skunks bad?

Erdman, Jim ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Tue May 11 12:29:34 EDT 2004

My experience with skunks leads me to put them in the "bad" list, if they show up close to the house, chicken coop, or bee hives.  They seem to be very appealing to dogs, with unpleasantly smelly results.  I have caught them in the chicken coop, in early evening before I closed it up for the night, killing chickens (oppossums are bad chicken killers too, based on personal experience.)  And they like to eat  honey bee larva, and will destroy good  bee hives filled with bees to get at the larva in the combs.
I would rather have fox and coyotes around than possums and skunks.
Jim Erdman, in Menomonie, WI
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