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Two questions...

1) Where is this gene which "encodes for lytic proteins" in malus, coming from?  Is it an isolated malus gene or
one from another plant/animal family?

2) If I stool the rootsock of a GM malus, is that breaking the patent law?  If the GM tree cross pollinates with
another tree that is not GM who owns patent on the seeds?  What about "sport" patent rights on a GM tree?

Cripes!  Even heirlooms, long out of patent will fall into a confused cloud of patent rights.


Ed Forest wrote:

> a few years ago Cornell figured out how to gentically engineer known apple
> cultivars so that the subsequent clones will be fireblight resistant. This
> is not a new cultivar that has been genetically engineered to be fireblight
> res, it is a method used to make known cultivars FB res.
> So, I thought you'd like to know, those of you who are against GMO foods and
> for choice in what we eat and grow, you should be on the lookout for
> cultivars that have previously been fireblight susceptible but advertised as
> FB res.
> I do not know the present state of this technology, if cultivars are
> presently being modified for this gene transformation but, if past
> experience with GMO is any indication, it could be snuck into our nursery
> trees and food supply with no warning or label.
> Here is an excerpt from the patent office:
> United States Patent 6,100,453
> Aldwinckle , et al. August 8, 2000
> Inventors: Aldwinckle; Herbert S. (Geneva, NY); Norelli; John L. (Ithaca,
> NY)
> Assignee: Cornell Research Foundation, Inc. (Ithaca, NY)
> Appl. No.: 021520
> Transgenic pomaceous fruit with fire blight resistance
> Abstract
> The present invention relates to a method of conferring resistance against
> fire blight to pomaceous fruit scion or rootstock cultivars by transforming
> such cultivars with a gene which encodes for lytic proteins. Such
> transformation can be effected by bacterial infection or propulsion of
> particles into cell interiors. Once transformation has taken place, the
> cultivar is regenerated to a transgenic pomaceous fruit tree. This technique
> is particularly useful in treating apple and pear cultivars.
> For apples, the following cultivars can be treated in accordance with
> present invention to impart fire blight resistance: Adina, Akane, Anna,
> Antonovka, Arkansas Black, Bancroft, Beacon, Beaujade, Belle de Boskoop, Big
> Time, Blushing Golden, Braeburn, Bramley's Seedling, Britegold, Champion,
> Chenango, Chieftain, Cleopatra, Connel Red, Coromandel Red, Cortland, Cox's
> Orange Pippin, Crispin, Criterion, Dayton, Delicious (including Red
> Delicious), Democrat, Discovery, Dorsett Golden, Dulcet, Earliblaze,
> Earlidel, Earligold, Early Cortland, Ein Shemer, Elstar, Empire, Empress,
> Fameuse, Fiesta, Florina, Freedom, Fuji, Gala, Galaxy, Geneva Early,
> Gingergold, Gloster, Golden Russet, Golden Delicious, Golden Supreme, Granny
> Smith, Gravenstein, Greensleeves, Grimes Golden, Haralson, Hauguan,
> Haushuai, Honeygold, Hatsuaki, Himekami, Hokuto, Idared, Iwakami, James
> Grieve, Jerseymac, Jonafree, Jonagold, Jonagored, Jonalicious, Jonamac,
> Jonared, Jonasty, Jonathan, Jonnee, Jored, Karmijn, Kitakami, Laxton's
> Superb, Liberty, Lodi, Lurared, Lysgolden, Macoun, Maigold, McShay,
> McIntosh, Melrose, Mollies Delicious, Monroe, Northern Spy, Northwestern
> Greening, Nova Easygro, Novamac, Orin, Ozark Gold, Paulared, Pink Lady,
> Prima, Prime Gold, Primicia, Princessa, Priscilla, PureGold, Ralls Janet,
> Raritan, Red Baron, Redchief, Regent, Reine des Reinettes, Reinette du
> Canada, R. I. Greening, Rome Beauty, Rubinette, Sansa, Sayaka, Sekai-ichi,
> Senshu, Shamrock, Shizuka, Sir Prize, Smoothee, Spartan, Stayman, Winesap,
> Spigold, Splendor, State Fair, Sturmer Pippin, Summerdel, SummerRed, Summer
> Treat, Sundowner, Sunrise, Sweet Sixteen, Takana, Tompkins King, Tsugaru,
> Twenty Ounce, Tolman Sweet, Tydeman's Early Worcester, Viking, Vista Bella,
> Wealthy, Williams Pride, Winesap, Winter Banana, Wolf River, Worcester
> Pearmain, Yataka, Yellow Newtown, Yoko, York Imperial, 2085, and other Gala
> X Splendor clones.
> Kevin Bradley
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