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Fri May 7 10:12:38 EDT 2004

a few years ago Cornell figured out how to gentically engineer known apple 
cultivars so that the subsequent clones will be fireblight resistant. This 
is not a new cultivar that has been genetically engineered to be fireblight 
res, it is a method used to make known cultivars FB res.
So, I thought you'd like to know, those of you who are against GMO foods and 
for choice in what we eat and grow, you should be on the lookout for 
cultivars that have previously been fireblight susceptible but advertised as 
FB res.
I do not know the present state of this technology, if cultivars are 
presently being modified for this gene transformation but, if past 
experience with GMO is any indication, it could be snuck into our nursery 
trees and food supply with no warning or label.
Here is an excerpt from the patent office:

United States Patent 6,100,453
Aldwinckle , et al. August 8, 2000
Inventors: Aldwinckle; Herbert S. (Geneva, NY); Norelli; John L. (Ithaca, 
Assignee: Cornell Research Foundation, Inc. (Ithaca, NY)
Appl. No.: 021520

Transgenic pomaceous fruit with fire blight resistance

The present invention relates to a method of conferring resistance against 
fire blight to pomaceous fruit scion or rootstock cultivars by transforming 
such cultivars with a gene which encodes for lytic proteins. Such 
transformation can be effected by bacterial infection or propulsion of 
particles into cell interiors. Once transformation has taken place, the 
cultivar is regenerated to a transgenic pomaceous fruit tree. This technique 
is particularly useful in treating apple and pear cultivars.

For apples, the following cultivars can be treated in accordance with 
present invention to impart fire blight resistance: Adina, Akane, Anna, 
Antonovka, Arkansas Black, Bancroft, Beacon, Beaujade, Belle de Boskoop, Big 
Time, Blushing Golden, Braeburn, Bramley's Seedling, Britegold, Champion, 
Chenango, Chieftain, Cleopatra, Connel Red, Coromandel Red, Cortland, Cox's 
Orange Pippin, Crispin, Criterion, Dayton, Delicious (including Red 
Delicious), Democrat, Discovery, Dorsett Golden, Dulcet, Earliblaze, 
Earlidel, Earligold, Early Cortland, Ein Shemer, Elstar, Empire, Empress, 
Fameuse, Fiesta, Florina, Freedom, Fuji, Gala, Galaxy, Geneva Early, 
Gingergold, Gloster, Golden Russet, Golden Delicious, Golden Supreme, Granny 
Smith, Gravenstein, Greensleeves, Grimes Golden, Haralson, Hauguan, 
Haushuai, Honeygold, Hatsuaki, Himekami, Hokuto, Idared, Iwakami, James 
Grieve, Jerseymac, Jonafree, Jonagold, Jonagored, Jonalicious, Jonamac, 
Jonared, Jonasty, Jonathan, Jonnee, Jored, Karmijn, Kitakami, Laxton's 
Superb, Liberty, Lodi, Lurared, Lysgolden, Macoun, Maigold, McShay, 
McIntosh, Melrose, Mollies Delicious, Monroe, Northern Spy, Northwestern 
Greening, Nova Easygro, Novamac, Orin, Ozark Gold, Paulared, Pink Lady, 
Prima, Prime Gold, Primicia, Princessa, Priscilla, PureGold, Ralls Janet, 
Raritan, Red Baron, Redchief, Regent, Reine des Reinettes, Reinette du 
Canada, R. I. Greening, Rome Beauty, Rubinette, Sansa, Sayaka, Sekai-ichi, 
Senshu, Shamrock, Shizuka, Sir Prize, Smoothee, Spartan, Stayman, Winesap, 
Spigold, Splendor, State Fair, Sturmer Pippin, Summerdel, SummerRed, Summer 
Treat, Sundowner, Sunrise, Sweet Sixteen, Takana, Tompkins King, Tsugaru, 
Twenty Ounce, Tolman Sweet, Tydeman's Early Worcester, Viking, Vista Bella, 
Wealthy, Williams Pride, Winesap, Winter Banana, Wolf River, Worcester 
Pearmain, Yataka, Yellow Newtown, Yoko, York Imperial, 2085, and other Gala 
X Splendor clones.

Kevin Bradley

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