[NAFEX] Re:hawthorn snack from Japan (hector black)

Hal Love lovehd at comcast.net
Thu May 6 14:29:24 EDT 2004

> We've also tasted those hawthorne snacks and enjoyed them.  I think they
must be made from the Chinese hawthorne as we have several that have fruited
a bit and the jam made from them is quite tasty and similar to the snack.
>     Hector Black zone 6 middle TN
>     PS  But so far, most of these Chinese trees have been quite
susceptible to quince rust which deforms a lot of the fruit and forms galls
on the branches.

Hector, thanks for the info on the Chinese hawthorn. I live near Nashville
and was considering planting some hawthorn this fall, so I suspect I would
have similar disease issues to consider. Have you had rust problems (or
other problems) with your Mayhaws?

zone 6 TN

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