[NAFEX] Apple pests

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Wed May 5 20:23:05 EDT 2004

I was examining my apples today, and noticed that the Ashmeads Kernal 
graft has a lot of little green caterpillars.  They live in a curled up 
leaf - the leaf stays curled up due to some strategically placed silk.  
Whatever they are, they do an awful lot of damage to the growing tip.  
(The leaves are not quite full sized today.)

I've had similar damage in the past, and the graft keeps growing 
vigorously, although it's possible this contributes to its lack of 
flowers.  I think it's interesting that the crabapple this graft is 
attached to gets much less damage, consistently over the years.  The 
other graftlings are also damaged, some much worse than the Ashmead.  
Karmijn is particularly hard-hit.  The Jonathan in the front yard is, 
like the crab, not much affected.

Anyone know what this caterpillar is?  Suggestions for control for next 
year?  Would dormant oil help?

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