[NAFEX] bad grafts and consequences

Lisa Almarode lisaalmarode at yahoo.com
Wed May 5 16:10:45 EDT 2004

These are young, bench grafted; and veneer grafts, 
done in a fit of frustration with whip and tongue 
with my crummy old knife.  It's late spring here; 
everything bloomed in March, and the Liberty apples 
are now the size of a nickel. 

The (whip and tongue) bench grafts done two or three 
weeks after the apples in question have an inch of 
growth now.  

I am amazed at the determination of these scions; 
though they are macintosh and pink pearl - my (new 
englander) Dad's favorite apple is the macintosh, 
but I don't expect to be very good around here.  

> Need to know more. Are they on a young stock or
> older stock?
>  Topgun
> > I did several apple grafts in early March that
> > weren't very good.  I'd long given up on them but
> > left them on.  Now some of them are producing
> leaves.
> >
> > Will this be a permanently weaker tree, or if it
> > does survive and grow will it be just as good as a
> > well-grafted tree?

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