[NAFEX] pear phytotoxicity question

Kristina & Bruce herenorthere at lycos.com
Wed May 5 14:44:41 EDT 2004

I sprayed my trees this weekend and three pear varieties got some serious damage, being almost defoliated.  The blackened ones are a Tate, Tyson, and a branch of Bergamote d'Hiver on my quince.  The Seckel tree and branches of Winter Nelis and another French variety living on the quince weren't bothered.  Nor were the quince, my various plums and apples

The spray was a blend of Copper Soap (GardensAlive), Neem oil, and Bt, all at label dilutions, plus 1/2 of the recommended growing season dilution of Crocker's fish oil as a sticker-spreader.  I frequently use this blend, with the exception of the Bt, which I rarely use.  Can Bt cause or contribute to phytotoxicity?

Bruce Wittchen
1/2 mile beyond Hartford, CT

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