[NAFEX] (no subject) Apple tree at 7500 feet above sea level

Rodney Eveland reveland at collinscom.net
Mon May 3 20:48:19 EDT 2004

>The apples were excellent as to taste and the tree showed no damage
from typical diseases or insect problems.

Perhaps there are no insects or diseases that normally attack apples
in such a remote location. I would think the tree would be worthy
simply because it produces fruit in such an inhospitable place. You
might try reproducing this plant by grafting. I don't think apples
produce true from seed so you may have a sport which you can name if
it proves worthy of a name.

Rodney, in Northeast Wyoming where Danube and Montmorency are in full
bloom, Surefire, Black Gold, and Glacier are  leafing out and the
White Gold between the other two sweets seems to have expired. Last
frost was 27 degrees Sunday morning - hoping for no more 'till Fall.

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