[NAFEX] heirloom apple trees

Louisa Rogoff Thompson louisathompson at erols.com
Mon May 3 11:36:52 EDT 2004

I'm a landscape designer who emphasizes producing high-quality fruits in 
the landscape.  I have clients who recall apple trees suitable for 
climbing, though around here (southcentral PA orchard country) all the 
apple trees are now dwarfs.  (Annual pruning makes them look truly 

Can anyone suggest cultivars of full-size apple trees that would make 
great flowering trees in the landscape, grow big enough to provide shade 
and to climb and sit in, and produce tasty apples?  They would have to 
be managed organically.  The fruit would not have to look perfect, but 
would have to taste great.  Our biggest disease problem here is scab.

Thank you.
Louisa Thompson
Adams County PA (between Gettysburg and the Blue Ridge)


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