[NAFEX] Re: Horse Apple

longdistshtr longdistshtr at shtc.net
Sun May 2 12:17:50 EDT 2004

Yeah Jim, the only apple here which consistently bears is the Centennial
Crab and none of them get fed to the animals.  I'm close to one hundred
miles south of you and location definitly makes a difference.
Didn't mean to imply that you should change your cultivars for new ones Tom.
We really don't have enough time in life to try them all.  I have quit
planting pecans and walnuts and every tree which takes  years to bear. My
place will be a golf course when I go to the apple country in the sky.  Golf
courses seem to me to be a willful and deliberate misuse of a perfectly good
rifle range or in a pinch, a peach orchard.
Love y'all both.
Doc Lisenby
Zone 7/8

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