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Sun May 2 11:54:07 EDT 2004

Among honey connoisseurs, Acacia Honey (from nectar of a tree/bush of the
Leguminosae family) is rated very highly and the tree grows in the
Mediterranean Area.
The Carob Tree/Egyptian Thorn, Ceratoria siliqua, another leguminous tree,
yields seeds from which Carob Powder is derived, is used as a cocoa
substitute by those seeking to
avoid  theobromine and caffeine.  As pointed out by Nurse Ginda, a study by
Penn State suggested that adding a small amount of cocoa to the stated
diet slowed oxidation of LDL about 8 percent and  raised the total plasma
level  4 percent.  Additionally, HDL was shown to increase 4 percent while
on the cocoa supplemented diet.  Further research may reveal other data
which support or deny this study.  Until then, we health care professionals
are reserving suggestions that chocolate be consumed in other than a
amount, if at all;  Especially if one’s diet abides by the guidelines of the
revised Food Pyramid
Saint John’s Bread/locust bean is an alternate name for carob beans which
used as food for humans and animals in the Mediterranean Area.  It has been
suggested that this is the “locusts” to which Matthew (3:4) and Mark(1:6)
referred.  It is possible that maybe carob beans are more efficacious in
cardiovascular diseases, if they are considered part of the lauded
Diet” which HAS been approved by heart nutrition authorities, than other
such foods
recently reported by singular researches.
John the Baptist probably ate more palatable and healthy foods than his
 I’d advise carob bean coated cicadas.
Doc Lisenby

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