[NAFEX] feral apples

Joe Boles jo.bo at rogers.com
Sun May 2 10:40:58 EDT 2004

In 1966 I purchased an abandoned farm for recreational purposes. There was a number of feral apple trees around the property. One tree appears to be a natural dwarf. The apples are a medium size, cream colored with a pink blush and ripen in August. They are a great pie apple. I have grown out some root suckers to see if it is really a dwarf on its own roots; it is. This tree is a real survivor; the tree is still around today; it has never been sprayed or pruned; it survives -30F temperatures and is not much bigger than it was in 1966. I am currently using it as a root stock. It appears to be more dwarfing than Ottawa-3.

Joe Boles
Mississauga, ON
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