[NAFEX] Agarita or other Berberis fruits

rob hamilton lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 14:18:03 EST 2004

A friend of mine bought me a nice poster from a group
from central Texas called "Treefolks". This poster
consists of a number of edible trees/shrubs that grow
well in Taxas.

In the poster that is a lovely plant called Agarita
(Berberis trifoliolata).  It seems to be a native to
that region. I have never heared of this plant before,
nor can I find much more fruit info than a recipe or
two of Agarita wine.  

Does anyone grow this plant and use its fruit? 
How about any of the other Berberis group of plants. 

PS: The poster also mentions the Mexican plum?
Does anyone use this one? 

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