[NAFEX] winter damage

Adrienne Bordo beartown at acbm.net
Mon Mar 29 21:41:32 EST 2004

Well the baby apricot trees & the little cherry had no vole damage. Apple
trees survived the deep snow & deer fairly well. However, now the snow has
melted there I see that one of my 10 year old Nanking <sp?> cherries has the
bark all chewed off the multiple stems. I will go out tomorrow to cut some
scionwood while everything is still dormant. There are just two small stems
that are not girdled. The second bush, about 6 feet away, only has minor
damage. The other victim, several hundred feet away, was my 10 year old
cherry plum. OK near ground level but all the higher branches are stripped.
They have never been touched before.


Norman & Adrienne Bordo
Beartown Chesapeakes

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