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You don't move the knife toward your thumb.  They are motionless in relation to each other.  You draw them along the rootstock/scion with the thumb sliding along the underside as the knife bites downward through the material from the top side.  You hold the scion with the left hand beyond the point of the cut.  The scion remains motionless as you pull your (hopefully) near rigid hand toward you.  I'd suggest stopping before you reach your kidneys, though.

Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI
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  After about 18 grafts pulling the knife towards me my thumb was looking like meat loaf and switched to pushing. After 96 straight the thumb from the first 18 hurts the most. If I'm suppose to be drawing to myself how am I to avoid my thumb?

  Rondi <-first timer too.

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    Though it may go against all the knife safety you were ever taught as a
    child, you pull the knife toward you when you (whip and tongue) graft. It's
    not particularly dangerous, but the movement is much easier to perform after
    you've watched someone graft in person.

    Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI


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