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Re: [NAFEX] rooting hardwood cuttingsThe problem with this way is that the shoots will likely die off way before the stem cells are mature enough for adventious root formation. the new shoots need a couple of months before they ar mature enough for possilbe propagation. What you are talking about is only usful for taking cuttings from mature donor plants which are in the ground.. for example by 'hedging'

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  The usual way to root hardwood cuttings is to force a small green shoot, then cut that off and root it under mist.  Green cuttings root very easily.  Hardwood cuttings are a lot more difficult to root.  I visited a nursery when kiwi was just starting out as a commercial crop and the first way they did it to get commercial quantities was to grow seedlings and graft to them.  If any of those old kiwi plantings are still around, it would be interesting to know if any of them suckered and if the suckers produced anything useful.
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    i'm trying to root hardwood cuttings of A. arguta, kolomikta and also
    Cudrania tricuspidata over bottom heat with hormone in sand/peat.  Is a
    lot of light beneficial, or would shaded be better?  Bright light seems
    like it would encourage leafing out without any root formation.  Would no
    light and just bottom heat work?   


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