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Hardwood cuttings do not require any light until the leaves form.
Keep the bottom temperature above 65F.
In the case of hardwood cuttings you likely will need a rooting hormone like
Rhizopon AA #2 or #3 (0.3 and 0.8% IBA). The products found in the Home
Depot and Franks have too low a concentration of rooting hormone then is
required for root formation for hardwoods; they are likely best for
herbaceous cuttings.

For information on how to use the rooting hormones see:

and for taking of the cuttings including juvenality see:


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> i'm trying to root hardwood cuttings of A. arguta, kolomikta and also
> Cudrania tricuspidata over bottom heat with hormone in sand/peat.  Is a
> lot of light beneficial, or would shaded be better?  Bright light seems
> like it would encourage leafing out without any root formation.  Would no
> light and just bottom heat work?
> Scott
> Lancaster, PA
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