[NAFEX] MANGOSTEEN: The Forbidden Fruit

RW Spalinger rwspal at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 24 11:57:12 EST 2004

On Mar 23, 2004, at 12:36 PM, Mark Lee wrote:

> Randall wrote...
> "When I was living in Malaysia, we would eat mangosteens to cool down
> after eating durians."
> Randall,
> What do you mean "cool down".  I have eaten a few nibbles of durian and
> have never experienced any heating-up.  The amount I have eaten was not
> much, so maybe it is dose-related.

If one eats a substantial amount (half or so) of a durian, which is 
about the size of a football, assuming that you can actually do that, 
there is often an experience of sweating, flushness of the skin, things 
like that. It is not an extreme sensation. I've been told that durians 
have a lot of sulphur compounds in them that contribute to the dilation 
of capillaries and other effects that tend to make the body feel warm.

Mangosteens, and I'm sure other fruit would do the same thing, tend to 
counter the durian effect.

Randall S.

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