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longdistshtr longdistshtr at shtc.net
Sun Mar 21 14:05:26 EST 2004

I'm five miles south of the NC border near the Pee Dee River.  You are right
about the temp range (some years).  Lowest I've seen here is around 10°F but
my Tonkin Bamboo survived it and my Sal's Fig and all its rooted cuttings
did too.  This year temp stayed above 20°F  and last year it didn't get much
below that. I really can't say that the Chicago Hardy equals the  cold
hardiness of Sal's because I haven't had it that long. Best as I can tell,
the fig I described in NJ was a Celeste, but as Cybil from Paradise Nursery
and other fig folks can tell you, fig names are not very distinctive. Like
religion, you gotta have faith in what a fig is.  Ray Givan's Fig Booklet
(NAFEX Member) is still one of the most informative guidances I have seen
for identifing figs.  He is located deep in fig country (Guyton, GA).  NAFEX
Fig Consultant, Dr. Bullard, is located about fifty miles north of me and he
has more experience than most fig people in the fringe zone where some figs
make it and others won't.  He has built protective covers around his figs to
protect them from cold there. I believe that if you protect a small "cold
hardy" fig tree for a few years it will survive all but the most severe
winters when it is large.
Doc Lisenby

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